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GER21 Berlin Bouncer

18+ 90 MIN
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Berlin Bouncer tells the story of Berlin from a divided city to the party metropolis of today through the eyes of its most legendary club bouncers. Frank Künster came to Berlin in the late 1980s to study, while Smiley Baldwin was still guarding the wall as an American GI. Behind the wall lived Berghain doorman Sven Marquardt, a young punk and photographer. When the Wall came down in 1989, the nightlife took over their lives.

Sven Marquardt, Frank Künster and Smiley Baldwin became three of the most famous bouncers in the city, handling the door policies of Berlin's most notorious electro clubs. To this day, they are still the ones to decide on the joy of hundreds of people every weekend. Director David Dietl opens a window into their lives, exploring their pasts and ways of living in the pulsating city of Berlin, as well as how they are learning to take responsibility and grow up.

A vibrant documentary about Berlin’s cultural development over the last few decades, Berlin Bouncer tells a story of Berlin's club culture, and about reaching adulthood at the age of 50.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 25th May


90 min




Sven Marquardt, Frank Künster, Smiley Baldwin


David Dietl


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