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GER21 Electric Girl

18+ 89 MIN
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A high energy feature from director and comic book artist Ziska Riemann, Electric Girl is a powerful blend of fantasy, coming-of-age story and psychological study.

Slam poet Mia (Victoria Schulz) is a young woman who works in a Hamburg bar, but by day she plays Kimiko, a Japanese anime heroine, dubbing her into German for an animated series. As her workload increases, she unwittingly begins to embody the super-heroine. Suddenly Mia has extraordinary powers and can accomplish superhuman deeds like Kimiko: she sees electricity, can jump off roofs and save lives.

Deciding to use these awakening powers and to fight against evil in real life, she senses a kindred spirit in her melancholic neighbour, Kristof (Hans-Jochen Wagner), and enlists him as her sidekick.

However, one thing becomes clear – something is wrong with Mia. While in her manic rush no sacrifice is too great to save the world, yet her own life is completely out of balance as reality and delusion begin to merge dangerously.

Using a vivid mix of live-action scenes and animation, Electric Girl delves into mental health issues and the desire to save the world.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 25th May


89 min




Victoria Schulz, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Svenja Jung, Björn von der Wellen


Ziska Riemann


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