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SPA21 The Silent War

18+ 123 MIN
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It's 1944 and a group of Spanish guerrillas have learned some things from the French Resistance. With the Nazi occupation of France having come to an end, they turn their attention – and their newfound skills – back towards Spain, with the goal of overthrowing General Franco’s dictatorial regime.

But after one ill-fated battle, the mission for the two survivors Vicente (Hugo Silva, 70 Big Ones SFF19) and the deaf Anselmo (in a stellar performance, Asier Etxeandia, Pain and Glory 2019) becomes one of survival. An adrenaline-charged manhunt following Anselmo begins, and when a Russian mercenary is added into the mix, the results are electrifying.

Merging elements of the western, war movie and thriller, director Alfonso Cortes-Cavanillas does not hold back on the suspense in his adaptation of the 2018 cult graphic novel Sordo by David Muñoz and Rayco Pulido. Literally translating to “deaf” in English, Sordo – like The Silent War – emphasises the challenges Anselmo faces in his struggle to see another day.

A dynamic, heart-racing explosion of thrills and spills, The Silent War is a gripping journey where obsession, determination and courage reign supreme.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


123 min




Hugo Silva, Asier Etxeandía, Aitor Luna, Olimpia Melinte


Alfonso Cortes-Cavanillas


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